Our Services

Equity Development Series

  • Equity Development Communities of Practice
  • Learnings Labs & Case Studies
  • Practicums

Mission, Vision, Values Creation and Alignment

  • Strategy Development and Alignment
  • Theory of Change Development and  Aligned Strategic Planning and/or roadmapping
  • Language and Practice Alignment

Organizational Development

  • Board Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Capacity Building, Design and Implementation
  • Coaching for individuals, executives and teams
  • Internal Organizational Capacity and Growth Strategy

Systems and Network Design / Coalition Design and Strategy

  • Fellowship Design and Implementation

Data Science and Evaluative Practices

  • On-going Mixed Methods Evaluation
  • Contiunuing to assess and improve EE’s delivery of services to our clients
  • Cultural Assessments/Equity Audits
  • Listening Sessions

Triage Support

  • Conflict Navigation
  • Crisis Intervention