Our Approach

Emerging Equity

Our Values and Value Expressions

As Grandmother LaDonna Harris explains, Relationship, Responsibility, Reciprocity and Redistribution are a cluster of values that show up in many more equitable societies including her traditional Comanche culture (Harris & Wasilewski, 2004). We also believe that in order for these to be applied to produce equitable outcomes in today’s world, they require Expressions of Discernment, Curiosity, Balance, and Gratitude. These values and expressions form a critical component of our theory of Change and approach to equity production.*

*Value statements are commonly defined. Emerging Equity operates with our own definitions of these Values and Value Expressions, but part of our philosophy is that organizations and communities of practice should define what they mean to them, as a critical part of their own collective work.

For more  information on these values, how they are expressed,or how these are accounted for in our work, please download and review the document embedded in this page.