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Emerging Equity is a consulting firm whose purpose is to assist organizations in providing their members and employees a healthy and inspiring work environment as they work to change the world. Focusing on People Infrastructure, Culture, and Mission Strategy, we work to transform organizations and systems from within. We use our holistic set of services tailored to build individual and collective skillsets in moving change from abstract to tangible. Our unique combination of equity, organizational development, and leadership development allows us to coach organizations toward meaningful cultural transformation. We work with a variety of organizations across all sectors and all sizes that work locally, nationally, and/or globally. We currently service a richly diverse portfolio of clients that allow us to provide insight into equity issues from many different perspectives.
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Emerging Equity has been commissioned by Community Food Funders to design and implement a new fellowship serving Funders and Food System workers in the North East Tri-State area. The program launches in September and is a first of its kind.


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